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Size: Medium Oval. What we call ‘TexasTurquoise’ is really a stone classified as Polychrome Jasper. There are tons of it in Brewster County Texas and in them you see some of the wildest colors ranging from green to purple. 90% of the Polychrome Jasper that you find there is too soft and crumbly to use as semi-precious jewelry. However, sometimes we find it that had been agatized just enough to cut, grind and polish. These stones fall somewhere between our red Navajo Jasper and Picasso Stone with their rich coloring and making patterns of art-like scenery within them. Their dominant green hues make them healing stones of the highest proportion, and bring calming effects in a very fashionable turquoise’esque light. THIS PARTICULAR PIECE HAS A DISTINCT SCENE OF A CAMEL STANDING IN FRONT OF A PYRAMID–VERY SIMILAR TO THE OLD CAMEL CIGARRETTES PACKAGES.


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