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Size: Small Oval. Petrified wood is truly an amazing thing. When you consider that you are wearing a piece of jewelry that is millions of years in the making, it tends to expand both the mind and the soul when you feel it on yourself as part of your presence. Trees leveled by powerful and sudden forces, then covered in volcanic ash for hundreds of thousands (even millions) of years, and then slowly exposed to the elements completes a transformation to make amazing stones for us to behold. Their pinks, Red’s, blues and semi-translucent whites make up a color in life that’s hard to match. Chalcedony, jasper, agate (and who knows what else) all come together as a result of an impossible concretion of something that was once living on the planet millions of years ago. If the feeling to evoke the timeless aura of the universe and all its creations is what you seek inside, try a piece of crystallized, petrified wood.


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