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SIZE: Jumbo Organic Teardrop. THIS PARTICULAR PIECE IS SUOER UNIQUE IN THAT IT RESEMBLES A SALVADOR DALI PAINTING. THERE ARE MANY DISTINCT FORMS IN THIS AMAZING STONE INCLUDING A GOLD EAGLE HEAD AND BEAK, WATERFALLS, TREES AND CRACKS IN THE SKY. DEFINITELY ZOOM IN ON THIS ONE AND CHECK IT OUT! NAVAJO JASPER: these Brewster County, TX exclusives are perhaps our most prevalent Local Stone creations. What we call ‘Red Stripers’ when we see them on rock hunts, they almost never fail to produce some of the most beautiful natural scenery inside of them when we cut them open. With predominant red themes, and coupled with purple, yellow, gold and blue chalcedony laced inside, they often resemble the patterns you might see on a Navajo blanket. Their primary element is fire, making them charged with the power of new ideas, as the Wands in the Tarot evoke. Their beauty is both soothing and striking when they have the right patterns. Energy, love and beauty all come together in Local Stone Navajo Jasper.


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