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Size: Large Organic Teardrop. FINE LACE AGATE are (by far) Noelle’s favorites. They are rare and hard to find, yet they’re the prime thing she looks for every time we go rock hunting. Their translucent qualities range from clear to milky white, with zebra-like lacy patterns that are unmatched in the semi-precious gem and mineral world. Their agatey constitution is the finest among all chalcedony & agates, and they finish and polish flawless like glass. Spiritually they emit the highest of all energies, straight from the minds of gods, clear and pure, their power emotes clarity, peace and freedom. Fashionably they are as elegant as it gets, and will make a stunning statement with a black dress. This stunning piece aof lace agate originates from Marathon, TX and is a true showpiece. Unique and unusual fine lacy patterns throughout its glasslike translucency.


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