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SIZE: JUMBO INVERTED TEARDROP. FIRE AGATES: Ours come mostly from a secret location somewhere in the vicinity of the Laguna region in New Mexico. The Native American Laguna Pueblo tribe is vast and stretches far across the SW USA, and they have a very storied and spiritual past in North America. These amazing stones no doubt (in our minds). have supercharged energy and qualities that you can feel when you hold them. Stones ranging from simple & elegant pink translucency to the boldest of all bold fiery Red’s, blacks, yellows and chalcedonic blues and whites, they are show stoppers for sure. The bolder ones have amazing volcanic scenery akin to desert landscapes on fire, and often have figures of spirits and human faces contained within them upon close inspection. Stories of desert gods and all those who roam within the universe can be told in many of these stones. They have the magical and spiritual powers of the element of fire heavily contained within, and rank among the most special of all Local Stone creations.


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