About Us

Hi! We are Joe and Noelle, and we are The Local Stone! The Local Stone got our start in lapidary arts on a walk on the beach. As we walked, Noelle saw a few stones in the sand and said, “Those are crystals!” They were! Noelle has always been really into rocks, and Joe is more into jewelry. He used to make jewelry just out of things he found. Following the discovery of crystals on the beach, we started walking around looking for rocks and making jewelry out of our findings. We even bought a few tumblers to clean and polish the stones. That was the genesis of one day opening our own shop. Truly, The Local Stone started through osmosis.

Fast forward a few years and we are still hunting stones. Our process has evolved, but the journey remains the same. Rockhounding through the majestic southwest on our adventure to find stones together. Back at the shop, Joe cuts, shapes, and polishes the stones, and Noelle makes the jewelry. We have purchased a travel trailer so we are able to spend a few days in each of our destinations and are not hurried in our process. It is as much about the journey as it is the other stuff!

We emphasize that we are The LOCAL Stone. Every piece of our jewelry is from the Southwest United States – New Mexico, Arizona, Texas. We have hand picked each of our stones and know what they are and the qualities they possess. We produce between eight and 20 pieces of jewelry a week.

At The Local Stone, we treasure how each piece has a meaning and has an energy. Each of our pieces is handmade with love, and we work hard to ensure that each piece is authentic and made to be worn and treasured. We invite you to check out our online store and browse our handmade stone jewelry.