It had been awhile since we were in a booth environment where we could set up to do our Tarot Readings. Alpine Artwalk was the perfect environment and we did a lot of readings both days. I’ve been working a lot lately with my new Buddha Tarot deck, and the Artwalk show seemed like a good place to put it in motion for real. All the readings went great, and I love that deck, because it follows the Rider Waite deck pretty closely on the Minors, but adds a bit of a different twist with the Trumps (the journey of the Buddha as opposed to the journey of The Fool). I’m thinking of combining them both for a very unique form of card reading in the future. I had several folks who got readings last weekend that expressed interest in future readings by Zoom, so we will be offering that on the site now. If you are interested in receiving a reading remotely–simply go to our shop and choose the 15-Spiral reading and leave us a message with your order with email, phone number and approximate time that you would like to do your reading: