The more we cut into this very large piece of Black Magic Jasper, the cooler it gets. Just finished this piece last week and everybody seems to think it looks like a Dragon or Reptile eye. The colors in this rock are exquisite, with a natural and distinguishing black base along with the very bright and prominent green and red veins. I’m still torn as to whether we should call it Tarot Jasper or Black Magic. Something about these pieces reminds me of the visions that the elements of the Tarot produce in the mind. It also has the appearance (that I see) of something like a piece of stained glass that has a crack (or break) in it that reveals what would look like peering outside through a broken window. A very cool piece this is, and another reason why we like hunting rocks in Brewster County, TX so much! It’s available in the shop now and comes with a black or brown leather cord.