This is our favorite new stuff. Found this big blackish rock in Brewster County Texas earlier this month. It caught my eye because it had a big reddish-pink quartz vein running through it on the outer edge. Threw it on the big saw back at home and what was revealed inside was amazing to me. Super clean agate-like constitution and within its mostly black outer surface were the most amazing reds and greens we’ve seen in a long time. Were calling it Black Magic Jasper because it has the feel of ideas like dark and night energy as they may appear or exist in real time, as something like thoughts running through the mind of a magician (or sorcerer). I thought about calling it Tarot Jasper, as it reminded me of the color schemes and symbols that you often see in Tarot cards, but Black Magic Jasper fit the bill just a little bit better. The first few pieces we have made out of this very large stone are Jumbo bold pieces. Like works of art they are, and some of the coolest new Local Stone productions.