It’s finally here! Building a website is not easy. We’ve been hacking away at it for over a month now. Just when you think you got it–it all falls apart again (a lot like life). However–we made some breakthroughs last weekend and got it just how we want it (for now). We hope you enjoy the site and share it with all your friends who may share an interest in our brand of jewelry. We’re having tons of fun with the business and it’s really starting to take off. Feel free to share and comment in our blog here with us and our continuing rock adventures. We have some fun events coming up in the next 60-days that we will post about soon. The calendar is getting full and the weather is cooling off. Fall looks to be a great time for us to launch the site and take our business on the road in every free minute and weekend we can squeeze in. Come on along and join in on the fun with us– is here! 🙂