Back On The Road in Spring 2022! We had a long winter in Lubbock this year but for the last few weeks the weather has been favorable and we have been itching to get a weekend free to get out on the road and do some rockhounding.

The flavor of the day this weekend was Fire Agate. And we found an amazing one by what we call STONE INSTINCT. In most cases wherever you go rocks are just rocks. Granite, common Quartz, Limestone, river pebbles, etc…–anything that you might find along sidewalks, rivers, under bridges and all along the side of the road and even the roads themselves.

However–there are special areas of the world where two geologic acts of nature just seem to magically happen: a) the mineral composition is just right, and b) at one point in geologic time a violent act of either volcanic activity and/or tectonic movement in the earth occurred. Our spot in De Baca Co. New Mexico is just one of those.

On desert mornings when the sun comes above the horizon glitters and sparklers can often be seen along empty highways and quiet roadsides that are good indicators to stop and take a look around. However on late afternoons they can be harder to see and find–that’s when our STONE INSTINCT kicks in. we begin to look for certain changes in the colors of the the stones along the roadsides that peak our interest. When the time seems just right we stop and take a chance.

That’s what happened to us this weekend when our first stop produced this baseball sized New Mexico Fire Agate. It was found strictly by this phenomenon of STONE INSTINCT. Something told us to stop and take a look around.

Upon putting the truck in park, opening the door and taking a quick look around–this stone literally was the first thing I found. As I reached down to pick it up, a horny toad that I didn’t initially notice that was perched upon it slithered off and stopped to look back at me. He was sitting upon a baseball-sized translucent Fire Agate which just happened to be the best stone we found that day. 

As far as the FIRE AGATE and the horny toad that was sitting upon it–Noelle and I see it as only a unique and unexplainable type of find. So was it chance, or stone-instinct? Well, it’s the only one we found that day.

As for that horny toad who was invisibly sitting atop its translucent and fiery red surface and scuffled off the moment I went to grab the stone–he was (we are sure of it) our little spiritual and instinctual guide that put that specific spark of STONE INSTINCT into our minds to stop the truck right there and take a look around. Here’s a photo of that stone and the little desert toad that was perched atop it. Noelle said that he was ‘charging up’ from the stone’s amazing energy as it sat there glistening in the New Mexico sun.

In a way–I was sorry that I had (perhaps) taken away his favorite spot to perch, prey, peer and hang out to watch his mountaintop sunsets that blaze so beautifully from that spot. But that stone was way too precious to leave behind. And maybe it will be that we will see him again one day perched upon another beauty waiting to be found. And in a way it may just be that he is always there, waiting for us to come back and find him again. Our life together roaming lonely desert highways is like that–you just never know what your gonna find, but somehow, secretly we know its gonna be there…

ABOVE: That amazing Fire Agate we found unexpectedly.

BELOW: Our new friend the De Baca County Horny Toad. He was perched atop that amazing stone.