We spent the better part of 2021 rockhounding in the Northeastern New Mexico regions. Finding there a lot of great specimens and making some nice pieces, our new jewelry business TheLocalStoneTX found its humble beginning. Fashioning teardrops, trillions, baguettes and sometimes just whatever the stone looks like it wants to be by its natural form, these pieces of Agate, Jasper, and Crystal. But the REAL FUN started when we did our first camping trip to Brewster County and the Big Bend regions of Texas. Our eyes were wide and our energy got supercharged when we started to find everything from Pecos Diamonds to fine Agates and Jaspers packed with wild colors and designs within them when we started to cut ’em open and make jewelry pieces. We’ve been going back regularly ever since, and some of the 2021 collection included what are sure to be long time staples in our future collections, including: Midnight Picasso (a beautiful blue shade of Picasso Stone), Big Bend Blood Agates (a variant of Carnelian Agate), many wild colors of Jasper and even some Fire Agates from SW New Mexico. Here’s a photo from our campsite that spring-break week of 2021, atop that amazing mesa in Terlingua, TX where we camped completely off the grid for the first time.