JANUARY 2022: After working with the grey and white Picasso’s Pencil Sketch Agates last week, we wanted to get back to some fun colors. Noelle picked out a nice Midnight Picasso rock that produced 3 pieces after cutting it up, and also a reddish Jasper stone which (after I got impatient with it on the saw) produced 1 large piece and three small pieces. It’s time for a new saw. I’ve been cutting on a large chop saw with a 10″ Diamond blade and using screw-pressure clamps to secure the rock while I’m cutting them. If I cut too much in one direction the pressure squeezes the rock and it splits into large shards (rather than the intended slab). Luckily I didn’t butcher the Jasper rock too bad, and we got the one nice large oval and three petite pieces as well. It’s a shame though, because the large piece has very cool patterns in it. I’ll be more careful next time for sure–because I really like this multi-layered and multi-colored Jasper–it’s so funky, unique, and mosaic with its subtle hints of Ghost Forest, Navajo blankets and even psychedelic swirls that we decided to call it Wild Ass Jasper. It’s fairly dirty and rather soft in its composition, but holds up enough under the force of the saw and the diamond wheels that we wanted to show their amazing beauty by presenting them a semi-precious stone jewelry. They have a few small cracks and fissures but polish and shine very nicely (actually looking better in real life than they do in photos). Catch ’em in the shop soon–I like ’em so much that I’m gonna make more shortly…I think they are going to be a big hit.