JANUARY 2022: Our last trip to New Mexico turned out to be one for the ages. Within close firing range from Albuquerque we revisited a spot we had located last month from a tip by another rockhound in that area. It’s funny, because there seems to be a pattern for us, by which we determine a spot to search and a road always appears with a name that signifies spiritual or mineral-like qualities (or even combined sometimes). Fortunately this was the case again, we turned right (as it always seems to be) and began driving slowly by a 6-foot section of earth which was a road cut for an industrial purpose. We began to notice that the wall had two levels of earth which had slided over each other, and as we drove on for about a quarter mile I noticed something familiar sticking out of that road-cut wall. I put the truck in park and we got out to investigate it. My suspicions were great enough to grab my big claw hammer and chip off the tip of the nodule that was sticking out. To our amazement, it was completely fire-red on the inside–we had found the Prize-Fire-Agate of a lifetime the size of a kitchen sink! (SEE ACCOMPANYING BLOG PHOTO)  We weren’t able to excavate it because we needed a sledgehammer and a bigger shovel than we normally carry, but we shall return one day soon with the right tools to bring it home. It just makes you wonder–“what else lies below the surface in the desert?” The one great thing about finding something like that though, is that it’s a fine indicator that there are more stones like it in the area. As we continued our investigation of the area, we found about a dozen softball sized fire agates, and one spot on the side of the hill that was littered with small shards of bright red fire-agate pieces gleaming in the sun all around us. There were so many that it only took us about a half-hour to fill up 4-Crown Royal whiskey bags full, which we are tumbling to smooth edges now in the shop for future surprise gifts to accompany any and all LocalStone products. Right here in the USA–all LocalStone products are mined, fashioned, finished and made. It’s why Local is in our name.

BELOW: The kitchen sink sized Fire Agate In The Wall that we will one day go back better prepared to extract with much bigger tools: