December 4th, 2021:

Playing around on the bench this weekend with some very earthy stones that we aquired on our Las Vegas trip earlier this fall at a hotspot in Kingman, AZ. To our delight, one of the stones was a very unique blend of broken gems termed Brecciated Agate (or Mosiac Agate; or Ruin Stone). I love these pieces and have been long waiting a piece this nice. What is so cool about them is the definance of clarity in each of the broken up stones that have been frozen in time, so to speak, in the volcanic and primordial process of quartz amalgamation…or, the primordial goo! 


Brecciated agates are fascinating just for this very reason, that they are, in essence, small snapshots of a section of earth (concretians) literally frozen (or heated to mass) in time. This particular stone is very rugged and amalgamated very well. The small pieces within the stone have almost the look of fragments of precious stones, and in truth–it is very hard to determine what exactly they might be, which makes this particular stone a perfect specimen for jewelry.  I just finished this one piece in an oval (see blog photo) and the rest of the stone will produce about 3 more nice pieces. 


Brecciated Agate is often described as a worry stone which can possess calming and nurturing properties for those who possess it. They have the power within them to bring mental clarity and focus to a scattered experience or life event either ongoing or in the past; therefore qualifying it as a nurturing stone, as it offers sustaining support during times of stress, and as a soothing harbinger of tranquility and wholeness. Bringing back together as a whole what was once scattered, Brecciated Agate can also help to bring order and clarity to those overwhelmed by an ongoing task of organization, by inviting calmness, focus and concentration into your life. It can also be considered a Fortune Stone, in that it is associated by its earthy qualities with the Pentacle suit of the Tarot: lots of coins gathered together, like the 10 of Pentacles, can invite good fortune in the form of wealth, inheritance or a keen business sense towards things. In the realms of Magic, it is a great protection stone, a shield from all spells, for whatever can be concocted from a mixture of things into one intention can also be repelled by a compacted conglomerate of fine gemstones.