DECEMBER 2021: Finishing up some stones today that I started back in the summer. Products of the Big Bend, TX area from the ‘Infamous Terlingua Mesa’, these agates are stunningly beautiful due to their unique and abstract qualities, as well as their super hard texture which makes them completely fissure-free and allow them to hold a perfect shiny polish and glow. They have a milky essence which gives them that classic aura and style of ceramic elegance, but are dominated by the amazing orange hue that seems to radiate with elegant beauty within them. Don’t look for any wild or fanciful Picasso’esque sketches, figures or landscapes in these, just allow yourself to enjoy them for their abstract beauty, not unlike a painting at the modern art museum that doesn’t really make any sense, yet takes you away to a place unknown by its majestic form. If one wants to add a splash of dashing orange to an upscale ensemble, they go particularly well with long dresses & expensive heels at a fancy dinner-party or special event.