OCTOBER 2022: I’ve been working on the bench all day with, perhaps, the COOLEST stones I’ve ever worked with. The rock I sliced up this morning was from our big FIRE AGATE haul from NW New Mexico earlier this fall. They are amazing, in that they have layers of wild colors (red, yellow and black) which appear to be suspended within the clear, translucent bulk of the rock. The clear parts are clear as glass and the yellows, reds and blacks are as definite as ink. The patterns are Picasso’esque and have the look of lava flow on a landscape, Thunderclouds w/lightening, etc… Wands for sure (red & yellow) in the Tarot scheme–these stones are super hot. I got 2 baguettes (1 long and 1 short), a teardrop and a magic wand (4 pieces in total) from this single rock, and I’m working on the final polish tonight. Noelle should have them wrapped by the end of the weekend and we’ll get them posted in the shop for sale as soon as we can. This batch is a dream, and as good as it gets for a lapidary artist–having a ball with these!